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From the author of “Wings of Freedom” comes the story of unrequited love laced with adventures, intrigues, social prejudices and cultural conflicts.

The Full Circle: this beautifully penned book is a periscopic view of the last forty years - how speedily the world noticed a vast array of socioeconomic changes. From shifting trends in technology to silent disruptions in human values, ‘The Full Circle’ encompasses the conspicuous as well as surreal aspects of post-liberalisation society in India. And, how it affected the life of Rohit, Jhilmil, Sunita and Shalini.

"Shalini leaned toward him and placed her head against his chest, her hair draping over his arms. Soon, a gush of cool breeze with a flowery fragrance blew through the amphitheater, and impulsively they clasped each other in a passionate embrace. “Oh, I loved you so much,” she mumbled, while he felt her warmth and her scent permeated into his lungs.Slowly, his mouth lowered to her parted, trembling lips and intense passion flooded his body traversing to his bones and marrow. For a few moments, the world came to an end for him–the only sounds were the chirps of the birds and the music from the fountain."

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The Full Circle by Ratan Kaul

The Full Circle

by Ratan Kaul

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Book Sneak Peek

Early 1980s: Challenges await ROHIT, a freshly-graduated engineer, from the very first day of his arrival at the under-construction steel factory located in a remote tribal region in Central India. Disappointingly desolate location, poor living and working conditions, aggravated by complex factory intrigues, force him to re-think his decision to continue in the job. But an accidental meeting with JHILMIL, a tribal girl, the daughter of a small contractor, and an emotional connection with her, coupled with his youthful, energetic frolics with a team of young professionals hold him on.


Interesting Love Story

"The Full Circle" is a complete portrayal of the changes in the human relationships in the last 40 years and how the Dot-Com boom becomes the turning point in the life of Rohit, the blue-eyed boy of this highly reverberating saga of unrequited love. From creating the backdrop to instilling life in those fictional characters, honestly, Ratan Kaul's pen spelt a magic in narrating the events and emotions throughout the book. It wouldn't be unjust to say that "The Full Circle" is loaded with all those elements that make a reader voluntary hostage and captivated. So, full marks to Ratan Kaul for bringing this amazingly beautiful book.
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Best romance book to read

The good story with emotions and responsibilities...when am reading the story I was so emotional with full of tears
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